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Your exhausting search for the best "Solitaire" has finally come to an end.
Thanks to the amazing graphics, colours and sounds included in "Solitaire" you'll spend hours playing in total relax, and you'll have just to concentrate on the best winning strategy!

Here are the characteristics of "Solitaire":
* Option to draw 1 CARD or 3 CARD at a time,
* Choose background colour
* Music and sound effects
* Automatic hints
* Leaderboard (you'll choose your nickname and avatar, or you can just login with your Facebook account and never lose your scores!)

If you find yourself in trouble, you can always look for help from the CPU, or you can just press the "undo" button (infinite times!)... but if you find there's no way out, you can always start a new match!
Solitaire, the most famous puzzle game, awaits you in its best version!